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What a wonderful way to spend an evening! Going away from an oasis of peace as always with ample tools to use with effortless ease in everyday situations for incredible, deep, transformative results. Thank you Sampoorna and Rathna Center for the energy you share.


(Being Workshop)

I had a very good time. I am very happy I decided to do this workshop. Sampoorna, your kindness and gentleness is amazing to experience. Your presence brings a lot of peace and love to each one with you. I loved the way you led the sessions. You are a role model of forgiveness. It is beautiful to spend time with you. And learn and grow. Thanks a million for bringing this workshop to India. In gratitude


(Heal Your Life Teacher Training)

G. L. Sampoorna is the most down to earth and unassuming teacher I have met. The Forgiveness workshop gave us a lot of tools which makes the process of forgiveness easy and doable. Felt so free after letting go of the past. Thank you so much ma'am.

Sudha Rao

(Forgiveness: Path To Freedom Workshop)

Sampoorna brings to her workshop a sense of calm and really creates an environment where you believe you will get what you need. With her, you immediately get the sense that this is a master with whom you can trust the process. She possesses a rare quality of critical thinking combined with an ability to help us imagine. Indeed she keeps us grounded while at the same time encouraging us to fly – an amazing skill. So trust her, trust the process and enjoy your journey with her.


I had attended half a day workshop on forgiveness and labyrinth of yours. Would like to share my gain. For the past four days there was turmoil in our house. Somewhere I felt like I was left in the deep dense forest without any help. Last afternoon I suddenly remembered Labyrinth and Forgiveness. Did both truthfully. Now I got the fruit. Thank you so much ma’am for introducing such powerful processes. After those workshops itself good fortune started. Now, I used these two processes during an emergency, and they really did magic and built my confidence more.

S. Jayadevi Jayaprakash

(Labyrinth Workshop)

I’m so blessed to be at the Resolving Resistance workshop. I feel so empowered and encouraged by what I have learnt. I’ve done a lot of work already, but I felt this went to another level. I feel I can handle any situation that comes up because I know the structure of my mind now. I know the roadways of how my mind works and I’ve made friends with it. Now I can align all parts of myself and zoom forward. I feel a deep love for myself and kindness. I have an exciting energetic sensation in my chest. I’ve been taught a key to mastering myself. Thank you so much Sampoorna for so masterfully leading us all, and facilitating in such a way that I would download the understanding, and concepts. It’s amazing how masterfully you handled everything.


(Resolving Resistance Workshop)

Dear Sampoorna ma'am, Healing your inner child and reparenting was an amazing workshop. It takes your insight actually deep inside, heals your wounds and helps you become a better person. You have transformed my life. Thank you so much for making it to Baroda.


(Inner Child Workshop)

Dear Sampoorna, thank you so much for the Essence you held in August 2019. After that my life has drastically changed. The processes you helped me do have got out the best in me and I am the best version of myself. Each time I come to you, I have wonderful takeaways. Your game, ‘Journey of feelings’ is amazing. I have also started playing with the volleyball in my home as it came to me during one of the processes. From then on, my shoulder pain has just vanished. 2019 has been full of changes. Thank you so much

Rita Jain

(Essence: Well Being)

Now, where do I ever begin! Sampoorna is truly a God sent angel in my life, god bless her! My guru, my philosopher, my guide. With her zen-like voice and her deep and inherent understanding of the human mind and emotions. Sampoorna is able to create an environment where I felt safe, secure and at peace. She lets one understand and process their own emotions, while resisting any temptation to preach. What a rare, unique and wonderful quality and the true mark of a spiritual guru for me. Thank you Sampoorna, thank you so much for coming into my life! I love you! Loads of love. P.S. Louise Hay couldn’t be everywhere, so she sent us this angel!

Lavin Ailani

Dearest Sampoorna, words fail me. The privilege to be a part of this amazing journey is manifold! Sampoorna touches people and she touches me and inspires me to meet myself. Her authenticity, integrity, the love and energy that she exudes is magical. I felt accepted like never before. I felt loved in the most unconditional way ever. The space she creates to help participants get in touch with their purest, most authentic self is miraculous. The best gift she gives is letting people just be. This inspires people and lovingly, they come out with their best potential. I came out with my vulnerabilities because the trust and security she oozes out is so perfect. When I felt so accepted in being me with whatever and whoever I am, I expressed myself with all my heart and today, I radiate love fearlessly. I am excited to spread the love I received. Sampoorna has evolved to greater depths of being where only her presence seems so healing. She is an inspiration. Always will be! I love you loads! Thank you!


I am truly inspired with the workshop. With Sampoorna, I am having a long term healing relationship. Very glad to do this workshop with you.


(Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workshop)

I am grateful to you everyday. You have helped me rediscover the simple things in life that I have always loved. The breeze on my face. Watching the ripples in the water as I eat in silence. Thanks to you, I am making the time to experience them in silence and solitude. Bless you Sampoorna, for the lives you enrich on your path.


I am so happy that I participated in the Forgiveness workshop by Sampoorna. I came with few expectations. To my joy I found that I was progressively getting better physically and emotionally, with even physical pain from injuries and otherwise, clearing up. I feel very happy for the future having done some release work and also being equipped with tools to do more. I thank Sampoorna for staying with us as a large group every step of the way and bless her for her love and wonderful conduct of this forgiveness workshop. I recommend it for all, even if they think they have no forgiveness related problems. The good news is, it is for me and for finding my own peace.


(Forgiveness: Path To Freedom Workshop)

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