My life is a work of art.

My life is a work of art.

Yes, it is…. God’s and my own. The mould and clay were his work, while shaping it up and refining the edges were mine. His was the larger base that I could fine tune and work on. It’s been an interesting experience. Some areas turned out well. In some places I made mistakes that I had to correct. In some others I created some irreparable damage which led to regret. I found that this took the artwork into hidden and deeper realms which may have never been otherwise explored.

This has given more depth and meaning to my art and made God’s work more complete and fulfilling.

Though my mistakes have cost me time, health and money, it has added tremendous value and character to my artwork.

Every line that’s out of place and every twist and turn shows the labor of love that’s been poured into it. I can return this gift to him with the joy of having used what he gave me. Knowing I have played with it, shaped it and moulded it as best as I could. I would return it as a complete work of art, filled up with my love, my work, my energies. Not as a bland blank mould of clay returned as it was received. My effort would be the difference.


Resting Easefully

Energy allows easeful resting. We are under the notion that rest is only for when we are tired and that we ought to continue to keep working or doing until we feel tired enough to take a break. The rest we get in that condition is not really rest but a part of the working condition with the break taken as a re-charge. Just like the battery being recharged, it is still working even while resting and the rest is only with the purpose of becoming functional and utilitarian once more. Waiting till we are tired and resting only when we need to, is like waiting to run out of fuel before we refill. While a battery may have to be depleted before it is ready to be recharged, we as human beings can rest at any time, we can take it easy even on full charge. 

Real rest is when there is sufficient energy to continue to do whatever you want to do and you actually rest by choice. Only with energy can rest be really restful.  You respect it enough to take enough energy to it as you would to any other activity. You don’t draw from it but give to it. Like eating before you get hungry, resting before you need the rest is ecological and economical. In this context, you rest not because you are too fatigued to do things and cannot function anymore, but you rest simply to rest. You choose to rest simply to enjoy the rest – as you would choose to work, to play, to dance, to sing, to go out, to meet friends. 

That's the art of easeful resting. An art that belonged to another generation. An art form that is almost lost. A form of living that keeps us in good health, cheer; that allows us to connect with ourselves and others. It goes hand in hand with a simple, easeful, restful life.

Thought – I rest easefully. I use my energy to rest when I desire and give my body, mind, and spirit the time to simply live. My rest is with no agenda to rejuvenate myself. My rest is not to overcome my tiredness or fatigue. (I do not wait till I am tired or fatigued before I rest.) I rest by choice, even when I have the energy to work, to play, to do things. I rest simply to rest.


Introduction to my Blog

I write. I am not a writer. I write to clarify my thoughts, I write to remember ideas, I write to capture the stream of words and sentences that pass through my mind. I write to honour the messages that sometimes pause to visit as they flow along my consciousness.

Since I write to enjoy my writing, which I read and re-read numerous times, I hadn’t seriously considered having a blog to share with others. Until my intern, Nandhini, recently invited me to organise my writings in a blog that she offered to put together.

My blog is about me and my world. I write when I feel like. I like to follow my heart and do what I like to do. I love the beach, I like painting, I find my work fulfilling, I love meditation and chocolate. I love sunshine and open windows and I love my home. Life is rewarding when I engage in that which I really like t do, absorbed in what I choose to do.

So here we are, blog and I, with writings old and new. I wonder how this blog and I will engage with each other. I wonder how absorbing it will be. I am curious to explore and see how we reveal ourselves to the world. I wonder how much of myself will get revealed to me. I begin now.