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The point of power is always in the present moment.
- Louise L. Hay

Louise L. Hay was a metaphysical teacher, an author and founder of Hay House in California, USA. Through her experiences with illness and disease, she maintained that stress and unhealthy thought patterns and beliefs were significant sources of "dis-ease". She used tools such as ‘mirror work’ and affirmations to create a positive shift in the body by bringing about a fundamental change in the way we think.


My journey to becoming a Heal Your Life® Teacher-Trainer

In the early 90's, Louise Hay's book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ came into my life as a gift. This treasured, life-long gift enriched my thinking and made a tremendous impact on my life. I began to excitedly share the book and work with everyone I met. Her powerful work and philosophy augmented my own work as a psychologist, supporting me personally as well as professionally. Feeling a passionate desire to learn the work as Louise had designed it, I found my way to the training and qualified in 2003 as a Heal Your Life® workshop leader and subsequently as a Heal Your Life® Coach.

Using the philosophy, I began to really know myself and became more myself. The biggest gift is that I have become my own best friend, loving myself with all my flaws and accepting life as it comes. In my own life, doors closed and opened for my highest good. Having undertaken research work in forgiveness, Louise’s principles effortlessly aligned with my existing work and research, which culminated in my doctorate in Forgiveness.

I have been teaching people this philosophy through the workshops that I was conducting on a monthly basis for several years. Over the last few years, having become a teacher-trainer of the program, I continue to lead the workshop that I am passionate about, at least a few times in a year. Practicing the principles I teach, my life is more in balance, with just the right amount of work, prosperity, success, exercise and rest, with time for travel, friendship, meditation and leisure.

Transitioning to a Heal Your Life® Teacher-Trainer for India in 2013 was more than a dream fulfilled - It was a purpose being honored. I feel deep gratitude to Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols for this honour. Offering the training every year since then, I feel blessed to touch the lives of the teachers who train with me. I am rewarded beyond words when they experience life-changing personal growth and achieve professional success, doing the work they love.

Influenced by Hay House books, I had the aspiration to have my first publication with Hay House, USA. My dream was realized when I received a copy of ‘Modern Day Miracles’ by Louise Hay and friends, published by Hay House, USA, and while browsing through it, to my amazement and joy, I spotted my name there.

Above all, meeting Louise was a privilege. The energy she exuded each time I met her was an inspiration to be all that I could be, to acknowledge the totality of possibilities, and know my magnificence. I feel deep gratitude for all the ways she has impacted my life, and am honoured to be one of the 21 Heal Your Life Teacher Trainers worldwide, sharing her life-changing work, and growing in the process.

workshops & trainings

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life

Love Yourself Even More

Teen empowerment Playshop & Leader Training

Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen


Other Workshops

heal your life book

This New York Times Best Seller has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. In this book, Louise teaches us to love the self, and take charge of our lives by drawing attention to our thoughts. She says "If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed." Louise explains how dis-ease is a product of our limiting beliefs and ideas, and by changing our thinking, we can improve the quality of our life! Packed with powerful information-this book has transformed the lives of many.

heal your life book

This New York Times Best Seller has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. In this book, Louise teaches us to love the self, and take charge of our lives by drawing attention to our thoughts. She says "If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed." Louise explains how dis-ease is a product of our limiting beliefs and ideas, and by changing our thinking, we can improve the quality of our life! Packed with powerful information-this book has transformed the lives of many.

Love yourself, Heal Your Life ®

A wonderful workshop, often described by many as ‘healing’ and ‘transformative’. This workshop is based on the revolutionary work of the renowned metaphysical teacher Louise L. Hay. This gentle healing workshop takes you through a personal evolution. Learn to love yourself and others at a deeper level, go , accept and forgive yourself, release the past and connect within, at the mind, body and spirit level.

Your workshop leader, Dr G. L. Sampoorna is a psychologist and licensed Heal Your Life teacher-trainer for India, one among 21 worldwide, besides being a workshop leader and coach. With close to 40 years of experience in counselling, psycho-spiritual training and her groundbreaking work on forgiveness, she creates a wonderful experience that enables you to heal your life and live your dreams.


Love yourself Even More

Taking another step from the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshop (LYHYL), this workshop further extends your journey into further self-discovery, exploration and acceptance. You learn to recognize and release your limiting blocks and beliefs. You welcome love, forgiveness and success to start living out your dream life.

Dr G. L. Sampoorna, your workshop leader, has worked with thousands of people teaching them to transform their lives and heal from within, a fact which has made some call her a ‘dream maker’. Truly a woman of her word, she practices all that she teaches and lives out her own dream life with a beautiful balance of work, creativity, friendships, travel and leisure.

Teen Empowerment Playshop

Inspired by the adult workshop created by Louise Hay, the Teen emPOWERment PlayShop is designed to help empower teens in loving themselves and finding happiness in their lives, despite current issues and challenges they may be experiencing.

Teen emPOWERment PlayShop is solely for teens of two age groups, 12-14 and 15-18. In a safe and comfortable environment, teens open up and contribute life experiences and concerns. They learn new skills and tools to assist them in living a more self-fulfilling life, while supporting one another through the process.

Format: Six week study group, 3 hour classes or one-two day intensives.

Teens will learn how to:

Like who they are and begin to discover that they are deserving and lovable

View themselves as valuable, worthy and powerful

Recognize negative emotions and unwanted behaviors, and learn tools to manage them

Identify core beliefs and release negative beliefs

Build better relationships and make better choices

Find their inner wisdom and power

Empower themselves while transforming their lives by working with the body, mind and spirit connection

Create harmony and balance in their lives, including better health and greater prosperity

Develop a new vision of their futures and create supporting beliefs

Results: Fewer disruptions, improved resiliency, happier teens leading to better collaboration between them, their families and any supporting professionals

Your workshop leader is Dr. G L Sampoorna, a qualified counselling psychologist with over 35 years of experience. A heal your life teacher-trainer, one among 21 world-wide, life coach, artist and writer, she lives joyfully, practicing the principles she teaches.


Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen

The universe is our cosmic kitchen with an infinite menu card just waiting to take and fulfill your orders! Based on the book ‘Ordering from the cosmic kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations‘ by Patricia J Crane, Ph.D, this workshop allows you to create a powerful combination for achieving your dreams.

Learn to use the law of attraction effectively to manifest the life of your dreams! In this workshop, you discover the eight principles for creating your orders and you learn to apply them to your career, prosperity, relationships, health, travel and housing. You learn why you sometimes don’t get what you want and what to do about it.

Your workshop leader is Dr G. L. Sampoorna, a renowned counselling psychologist practicing since 1980, is a licensed Heal your life teacher-trainer, trained with Patricia Crane. Applying her principles to her own life, she now lives out her dreams through a perfect combination of work, love, leisure and friendship.


A man is not rightly conditioned until he is a happy, healthy, and a prosperous being; and happiness, health, and prosperity are the result of a harmonious adjustment of the inner with the outer of the man with his surroundings - James Allen

In this exciting two day workshop, you realize the meaning of true wealth, you learn to identify and release your limiting beliefs and literally create a treasure map to your heart’s desires.

Your workshop leader is Dr G. L. Sampoorna, a psychologist, life coach and trainer with close to 40 years of experience. Truly a person of her word, she uses her own principles to live her dream life - one filled with equal parts of work, learning, leisure, love and happiness.


Other Workshops

We also offer short workshops in the Heal Your Life philosophy for institutions and individuals on demand.

Inner child

Mind/Body Connection

Heal Your Life ® – Teacher Training

Event Date

18th may - 25th may, 2024

The power is within you. It always has been. How far are you willing to expand the horizons of your thinking and stir that power awake? - Louise Hay

The Heal Your Life® Training is a powerful programme to add skills to an existing career or to start an entirely new one. It opens your heart to more love, expands your mind to the amazing possibilities for your life, nourishes your soul, and provides you with the materials and skills for sharing the Heal Your Life® work with others.

The 7-Day residential programme, based on the philosophy of Louise Hay, is an intensive experience for your personal growth as well as professional training in conducting your own workshops and leading study groups.

At the end of this transformational week you will emerge enriched with a vision for your work, presentation and marketing skills, a certificate of completion, and two complete course manuals to immediately begin leading workshops and study groups. Additionally, you will be listed on the Heal Your Life® workshop leader website.

At the personal level:

Experience new techniques for transformation

Make personal breakthroughs with new insights

Welcome a new depth of self love and acceptance

Clear old patterns more fully

At the professional level:

Receive exhaustive training through unique techniques

Work on opportunities for practicing newly learned skills

Receive CDs and materials for leading workshops

Develop skills that can be integrated into present career

What it includes:

An internationally recognized professional certification authorized by Hay House and Heart Inspired, U.S.A

A listing on the website of the Heal Your Life website, through which potential clients can find you

Two manuals with complete scripts, marketing information, flyers, and more for:

the 2-day ‘Love Yourself, Heal Your Life’ workshop

a 10 week study course and 14 different sort workshops such as inner child and the mind/body connection

Sessions on understanding intuition and healing the body

Training in marketing and presentation skills

Lodging (double occupancy) and meals

In-depth personal development work as well as training as a workshop leader

Individual follow-up by phone and email after the course

People from many different careers and backgrounds have attended the training: Therapists, counselors, yoga teachers, reiki practitioners, hypnotherapists, social workers, psychologists, corporate trainers, HR professionals, etc. While a background in counseling or experience leading groups is helpful, it is not required. If you are familiar with the ideas in the books of Louise Hay, and are applying her ideas principles in your own life with positive results, with a deep desire to be of service and to share these ideas with others, you are eligible to attend this training.

Since 1995, many people worldwide have been trained to lead Heal Your Life® workshops. They in turn have helped thousands of people make wonderful changes in their lives. If this training speaks to you, we invite you to attend the programme and join this special group of dedicated workshop leaders.

Louise L. Hay is the author of the international bestselling book – ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ that has sold more than 50 million copies across the globe. She is a metaphysical teacher and lecturer who has changed the lives of millions around the world. For several decades, she has helped people discover and implement the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and healing. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and many other popular TV and audio programs in the US and abroad.

Trainer: Your trainer, Dr. G. L. Sampoorna, is a renowned psychologist and the founder of Rathna Center for Daily SHOTT (RCCL), a holistic growth and development center based in Chennai, India. A licensed Heal Your Life teacher-trainer, leader and coach, she has worked with people to create the life of their dreams, with an abundance of love, joy and prosperity. Her writing has been published in Modern-day miracles, a collection by Louise Hay and friends by Hay House, USA.

In addition to her work as a Heal Your Life Trainer, Sampoorna is pioneer in forgiveness research and work in India, an NLP master trainer, and has created several workshops and training programs on different topics. A practitioner par-excellence, she has worked and innovated in the field of psychology since 1980.

An integral part of her life is the practice of mindfulness, which she does through Vipassana meditation. Applying the principles she teaches to her own life, she lives her dream out – one filled with a balance of work, leisure, hobbies and friendships.

Location: Chennai, India


Heal Your Life ® – Teen Empowerment Playshop Leader Training

The Teen empowerment Playshop Leader Training is an exciting two-day training specifically for Heal Your Life® teachers. While the Heal Your Life® Teacher Training qualifies you to use the philosophy and processes with adults, this training will enable you to use them with the younger generation.

Duration: Two days

In this training, you will learn to facilitate the Teen emPOWERment Playshop for two age groups: 12-14 and 15-18. By experiencing the workshop yourself on the first day, you will understand how to adapt the principles and techniques to suit the needs of younger people. You will have the space to process your own experiences as a teenager, and use those learnings to help teens deal with their challenges. In addition, you will also gain invaluable insights into their mindsets and will be equipped with methods to help them love themselves and find happiness in their lives.

Your trainer is Dr. G. L. Sampoorna, a counselling psychologist since 1980. She has led and facilitated hundreds of workshops since the mid-90’s. She is one of 21 ‘Heal Your Life’ teacher-trainers worldwide.