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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

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What does a multi-modal approach mean?

A multi-modal approach uses a combination of different approaches in psychology and related fields, with interventions at the psycho-spiritual, emotional and physical levels. The modalities we use include psychotherapy, art, movement, sound, mindfulness, meditation, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and many more. This approach brings together the best of the East and West to effectively treat the whole person.

How is RCCL different from other places?

RCCL works at the very core of a person, to help them reconnect within.

This can be best explained through the metaphor of a building. When a building is constructed, the first thing to do is to excavate the soil. The foundation is built in this space and forms the base of the building. This footing takes the entire weight of the building. Then the columns and beams are built, and these make up the skeleton of the building. The floor and ceilings rest on the beams.

If the footing is not built correctly, the building is ‘off’. If the columns are skewed, the building tilts. If the beams are tilted, the floor cannot be properly supported. The building itself is not doing what it can do. Likewise, if our foundational habits are misaligned, then we are ‘off’. If our column habits are ‘off’, our life veers off in a direction we don’t want. If our beam habits are ‘off’, only a weak platform can be built. Our thinking platform may be off-center, or our emotional platform could be underdeveloped.

What makes RCCL unique is that it can work on the whole person, such that misalignments at any level can be corrected. Other places may be able to redo the beams, re-tilt the columns or correct the floor. Corrections can be done at the superficial as well as deep levels. Maybe even the foundation can be rectified, fortified and enhanced.

RCCL’s unique skill is that it can work on transformation right from the soil that the footing is resting on. The soil may be sandy, weak, dry, clayey or non-pliable. Whatever the condition, RCCL can work at this level- below the foundation, to heal the very soil that supports the structure. Working at the root level, the change process becomes deeper, quicker and permanent.

The person is able to reconnect within. The more we connect within, the more alive we are and the more we live consciously and fully. RCCL, uniquely, can do that and help rekindle that lost spark.


How do I book an appointment or register for workshops?

You can contact us either through phone (+91 98402 30151) or email ( with your request.

When is your next workshop?

You can find the details of our upcoming programs here (Link to upcoming events). Please save our number +91 98402 30151. Once you have done this, please whatsapp your details (name, email ID and city) to us to receive regular personal updates. If you want to attend a specific workshop which is not on the list, please contact us at We will look at the possibility based on the number of requests.

Forgiveness Workshop

Are there any prerequisites?

You will receive a pre-workshop form once you pay for the program. All participants must fill and submit this form a week before the workshop commences. The questions in the form are designed to enhance awareness and reflection. They will also deepen the benefits you receive from the workshop.

I am new to this work. Can I still join?

Yes. The workshop is designed to be effective for people at all stages. The exercises are experiential. The program is structured in a manner which offers simple and clear explanations, with instructions that are easy to follow. The facilitator and assistants will be present to support participants throughout the workshop. Time is also allocated at different points to allow questions to be clarified.

What is the duration of this workshop?

The Forgiveness workshop spans over 3.5 days, usually from Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening.

What happens if I cannot attend one of the days?

It is essential that you attend all days of the workshop. This workshop is intense and takes you deep within yourself. It is carefully designed to be progressive and complete. Stopping the process midway would be counterproductive.The workshop is offered thrice a year. Please plan well in advance to ensure that you can attend the workshop completely.

Can I come with a family member?

Yes, you can.

Can my child do this workshop?

The minimum age for the adult workshop is 21 years. A separate workshop is offered for younger participants. If your son/daughter is below 21, please enrol them in that workshop.

Forgiveness Training

Are there any prerequisites?

Prospective trainees should have attended the forgiveness workshop not more than 2 years before they start the training.

Please note : You will have to successfully complete an application and interview round before you are accepted onto this training.

Do I need to have a psychology background?

No. While a psychology background is preferred, it is not a requirement.

Who is this training for?

The training is for people who have seen the power of forgiveness and this work in their own lives and want to carry it forward. This training will benefit psychologists, coaches, therapists, counsellors, workshop leaders, teachers, medical/health care professionals, and anyone else who is passionate about growth and healing.

What benefits does this training offer personally?

Self-awareness: become aware of personal patterns, strengths and areas needing healing

Other-awareness: understanding others compassionately, including how we impact each other

Get in touch with yourself at a deeper level

Facilitates deep healing

Relief from secrets, guilt and resentment

Heal at physical, emotional and psychological levels

Helps you make forgiveness a part of your life

Access your feelings and express more authentically

Promotes acceptance towards the self and others

What professional benefits does this training offer?

Training in identifying sub-stories and patterns in ourselves and others

Enhances listening and attunement skills

Equips you with several tools and techniques to release anger, process guilt, grief, resentment and other difficult emotions

Trains you in using a priceless, complete process which takes us from avoidance, into the experience, and out of it through acceptance and compassion

n-depth training in workshop facilitation

What does this training qualify me to do?

It trains you to run Dr. Sampoorna’s trademark ‘Forgiveness: path to freedom’ workshop for adults over the age of 21.

What is the duration of this training? How is it offered?

The training is spread over 8 months.

It is offered through a combination of in-person intensives and online webinars.

The methodology is multimodal, including reflections, experiential activities, reading, discussion, growth related exercises, personal practice and group practice.


How are individual and group therapy different?

Both individual and group therapy can help with a wide range of issues and offer their own benefits.

Individual therapy allows you to have your own exclusive space. This feels safer for some clients, and supports them in exploring difficult events, emotions and experiences.

Group therapy supports you in identifying and resolving interpersonal issues through real-time feedback. In sharing our experiences, it reduces isolation, and allows us to acknowledge our shared humanity.

Please choose the option which feels better for you. This can also be discussed with your therapist.

How many participants will be there in a group session?

This varies from group to group. Generally, the numbers range from 4-8 people.


What is counselling?

Counselling offers you a safe and supported space to reconnect with yourself. Sometimes, we can feel stuck balancing life’s challenges and roadblocks. A lot of emotions and experiences may come up that we do not know how to navigate. While our family and friends can help us feel heard, we may feel more ready to look within with the aid of someone outside the situation.

Counselling helps you pause, untangle your emotions and gain clarity. It also helps you access your inner resources and guidance. This empowers you to handle situations with more ease and alignment.

What is counselling not?

It is not giving advice: Counselors do not tell you what you should do, or how to live your life. They help you gain clarity over your emotions and experiences, support you in taking action and in finding direction.

It is not a quick fix or a magic pill: Counselling is not a miracle tool that will automatically fix your problems. It helps you gain more awareness of yourself and your experiences. With increased awareness, understanding and acceptance, we are able to make more fulfilling and aligned choices.

It is not just listening: The counselling relationship is collaborative. In a typical session, the issue/need is put in the center, and the counsellor and client approach it from different angles. As a client, you are an active part of the process. The goal is to help you access your inner guidance and to create the changes you desire in your life.

Who can benefit from counselling?

Counselling is for everyone. Adults and children of all ages can benefit from it.

Every stage of life comes with its own challenges. Counselling is a form of support which can help us find clarity, reconnect with ourselves, respond to these challenges better, and live more fulfilling lives.

It is not meant only for a certain age group, or set of problems. Issues it addresses include (but are not limited to) relationship issues, lifestyle changes, identity crises’, loss, emptiness, trauma, grief, addiction, stress, anger-management, abuse, sexuality, depression and psychological/behavioural disorders. Counselling is also beneficial for people who want to work towards their personal growth.

How many sessions will I need?

Counselling is tailored to each client’s needs. The number of sessions required vary from person to person, depending on their situation, challenges and goals.

How do I pay for sessions?

We accept payment through bank transfer. The bank details will be shared before your first session. Please note that an 18% GST is applicable on all payments.

How is counselling different from life coaching?

Coaching is oriented towards goals: it helps you set and achieve targets. Counselling is insight and processing oriented. It helps you recognise and address problems in your life, work and relationships.

How is counselling different from the service of a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are doctors who use medication to address and manage symptoms at the mental and physical level. Counselling addresses the problem itself, helping people identify the cause, and supporting them in healing.

Heal Your Life Training

Are there any prerequisites?

All trainees must be familiar with Louise Hay’s work. This training is most suitable for people who have been positively impacted by her work, apply the principles in their lives and want to share it forward. Experience in counselling or leading groups is helpful, but not necessary.

Do I need to have any educational qualifications?

There are no specific educational requirements for this training. People from all spheres of life including therapists, counsellors, yoga teachers, reiki practitioners, hypnotherapists, social workers, psychologists, corporate trainers, HR professionals, etc. can benefit from this training. It is open to all.

What benefits does this training offer personally?

At a personal level, you will experience new techniques for transformation, and be supported in clearing old patterns more fully. Several participants experience life-changing breakthroughs and insights. These welcome a new depth of self-love and acceptance.

What professional benefits does this training offer?

This is an intense and comprehensive training which prepares you for all aspects of leading a workshop. You will experience unique techniques first-hand and have the opportunity to practice your new skills. You will also be supported in developing presentation and marketing skills to immediately begin leading workshops and study groups. These skills are transferable and can be integrated in your present career.

In addition, you will be provided with 2 complete manuals and other material to support you in your new role.

At the end of the training, you will receive an internationally recognised certificate of completion.

What is the duration of this training?

The training is an intensive residential course conducted over 7 days.


Why is Daily SHOTT compared to a gym?

Many of us use gyms to bring consistency into practices that maintain or enhance our physical health. However, most of us do not make a similar investment in our mental and emotional health.

Recognising this, Dr. Sampoorna created the Daily SHOTT to support people in making holistic health (mind-body-spirit) a regular part of their lives. Our sessions offer something new every day. Our powerful exercises are simple enough to be used by everyone. This combined with a dedicated space, committed facilitators, and a community of co-participants supports people in making real, deep and lasting changes in their lives.

How is Daily SHOTT different from other yoga and mindfulness program?

Daily SHOTT is a one-of-a-kind holistic wellbeing program. Its uniqueness lies both in the concept and the approach.

The idea behind the SHOTT is to help people develop simple habits to transform their lives, and bring consistency in their mind-body-spirit care. While mindfulness and body-based approaches are a part of it, we also use several other approaches. These include sound healing, stretching, body-work, cognitive restructuring, movement, brain-gym, breath work and more. Moreover, several of our exercises are completely new. They were created specifically to bring awareness, connection and ease into people’s lives.

Is there a difference between in-person and online sessions?

While the flow of exercises are the same, there are a few differences between the two.

Our in-person sessions are conducted at our center in Royapettah. These sessions are one hour long, and present you with the opportunity to work on yourself in a dedicated space. They also bring the added benefit of being able to interact more easily with your facilitator and other participants.
Our online sessions are 40 minutes long. These sessions are specifically created to help people living in other cities and countries to access this work. They offer more flexibility as they are shorter and can be attended from anywhere.

What are the benefits offered by CL sessions?

Daily SHOTT:

develops simple habits to effortlessly transform your life

melts away stress, promotes relaxation and calmness

brings in greater clarity, focus and grounding

enhances time management, productivity and efficiency

strengthens your growth mindset

equips you with tools which bring ease and joy into your life

betters relationships with yourself and others

teaches you to live in the present

helps you develop and experience inner peace

supports you in making real self-care a part of your life

guides you to live consciously, purposefully and meaningfull

For whom is this program most beneficial?

This program is beneficial for anyone seeking to connect within, and bring more ease into their lives.
Today, people at all stages experience high levels of anxiety. This is true right from students facing exam pressure to adults of all ages trying to manage deadlines, multiple roles and life challenges.
This program helps you connect within on a daily basis. It gives you the time, space and tools to handle challenges more effectively. It brings in more balance, peace and clarity. This enables you to respond to life rather than react to it. It also supports you in making choices which are more aligned with your desires.

What are your different membership packages?

To help you regularise your daily practice, we offer various SHOTT membership packages:

Seed : 1 month

Sapling : 3 months

Plant : 6 months

Tree : 1 year

The 41-day Rewiring SHOTT - Most of us know that It takes 21 days to begin forming a habit. However, for this habit to be internalised, become a part of our lifestyle and create change, it takes 41 days. The Rewiring SHOTT helps you make permanent positive changes in your life. It involves a self-commitment where you are supported in dedicating time each day, for 41 days straight, to nurture yourself.

The 41-day Rewiring SHOTT is the only plan that requires 41 days of continuous attendance. The other packages allow you to attend as many sessions as you choose, within your membership period. You can start all your SHOTT sessions at a convenient date. Your membership period starts from your first session.