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Upcoming events

Essence: Integrity (Online)

10th-30th August, 2020

Self-Forgiveness: Stepping Forward (Online)

10th-30th August, 2020

Remembering Louise: A Journey of Gratitude (For all)

10th-30th August, 2020

The Voyage

10th-30th August, 2020

Ongoing events

Group therapy by Nandhini Lingam

Every Friday

Conscious Living SHOTT



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Request Workshops

Ask and you shall receive - Abraham Hicks

We care about you and your needs. So while we already offer innovative regular workshops which are applicable to people of all ages, we want to hear about what you specifically want to work on. We will pick one of these requests at random each month, and create an experiential workshop around it!

To put in your request, please send us an email to with your name, phone number and request. Alternatively, you can put your written request into our request box when you visit our center.