Introduction to my Blog

I write. I am not a writer. I write to clarify my thoughts, I write to remember ideas, I write to capture the stream of words and sentences that pass through my mind. I write to honour the messages that sometimes pause to visit as they flow along my consciousness. 

Since I write to enjoy my writing, which I read and re-read numerous times, I hadn't seriously considered having a blog to share with others. Until my intern, Nandhini, recently invited me to organise my writings in a blog that she offered to put together.

My blog is about me and my world. I write when I feel like. I like to follow my heart and do what I like to do. I love the beach, I like painting, I find my work fulfilling, I love meditation and chocolate. I love sunshine and open windows and I love my home. Life is rewarding when I engage in that which I really like t do, absorbed in what I choose to do. 

So here we are, blog and I, with writings old and new. I wonder how this blog and I will engage with each other. I wonder how absorbing it will be. I am curious to explore and see how we reveal ourselves to the world. I wonder how much of myself will get revealed to me. I begin now.