My life is a work of art.

My life is a work of art.

Yes, it is…. God’s and my own. The mould and clay were his work, while shaping it up and refining the edges were mine. His was the larger base that I could fine tune and work on. It’s been an interesting experience. Some areas turned out well. In some places I made mistakes that I had to correct. In some others I created some irreparable damage which led to regret. I found that this took the artwork into hidden and deeper realms which may have never been otherwise explored.

This has given more depth and meaning to my art and made God’s work more complete and fulfilling.

Though my mistakes have cost me time, health and money, it has added tremendous value and character to my artwork.

Every line that’s out of place and every twist and turn shows the labor of love that’s been poured into it. I can return this gift to him with the joy of having used what he gave me. Knowing I have played with it, shaped it and moulded it as best as I could. I would return it as a complete work of art, filled up with my love, my work, my energies. Not as a bland blank mould of clay returned as it was received. My effort would be the difference.


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